Friday, February 26, 2010

BEGoths Photography!

So, I used to take pictures of my beautiful BEGoths a lot. Unfortunately, as fun as it is, I haven't done it in a while because I feel my camera is, well.. obsolete. I feel with a better one I could do much better photography. On Flikr, there are two groups for Bleeding Edge Goths. One that's been there for quite a while (Bleeding Edge Beauties), and another that I  recently decided to start on my own (Bleeding Edge Goths (BEGoths)). I would appreciate some comments with your thoughts, and maybe some more members. Also, you can find plenty of BEGoths pictures in the Bleeding Edge Forum.

Bleeding Edge Presents: "Series 8: The Silver Screen Series"

I know it's been a while since they were released, but I figured I should do a blog entry on the latest series; one of the most beautiful ones yet. They decided to do a theme this time around, "The Silver Screen." The name of this series makes it pretty obvious as to what it contains. Beautiful, Gothic silver screen sirens from the silent film era. If you would like to know more about these beauties, visit the Bleeding Edge website and go to the page for Series 8!
And, surprise! Storm is back! Although they've taken away a few classic features-- her sad eyebrows and her nose ring (and they changed her lip stud to a lip ring), she is still amazingly beautiful. As long as they don't get rid of her "X" eye contacts and her braids, I'm fine with it. Also, they've given her tattoos! A lightning bolt on her chest and a classic camera on her arm.

Silent Storm

Greta Vendetta

Gloria Phobia

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Outlook Is Stormy

Ever since Series One, Storm has been the most popular and the most successful seller. Full name Storm O'Misery, she has been given different "Storm" titles throughout years. Each series holds a different version of Storm, as you can see in order below, from Series One through Five:

Storm O'Misery

Casual Storm

Back to School Storm

Evening Storm

Red Riding Storm

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bleeding Edge Goth Dolls

I'd like to tell you about some very beautiful, different and unique dolls, based on Gothic fashion. They are called Bleeding Edge Goths, or BeGoths. I figured I'd help get the word out some more, because I love them all to death and I love to collect them, and I would be heartbroken to see the company go downhill.

The idea for the dolls came from, at the time, 15-year-old Stefan Varner (Author of Bleeding Edge's The Enigmatic ABC's), who suggested a line of Gothic fashion dolls, rather than regular ones, to his toy-maker father, Steve Varner (Owner of Bleeding Edge, Inc.). Well, he took the suggestion and now, there are eight successful series of 12" Fashion dolls, five series of 7" Vinyl Figures, and three series of plush toys called "KinderGoths/Minor Misfits" in different sizes. Unfortunately, back in 2007, production was stopped for the 7" Figures, due to a lack of funds. Also, KinderGoths/Minor Misfits are no long produced, only because of the fact that they are lower in popularity.

There are BeGoth dolls of all kinds-- Victorian, Lolita, Punk, Vampire, etc.
Just remember, once they're sold out at Bleeding Edge, they do not come back in stock! However, you can still find them if you just search the web for them. Just keep in mind, for most of the dolls, the price goes up after they're gone!

For more information, go to

Before You Read, Let's Get One Thing Straight!

One of the main reasons I'm typing this now, is because I know people have a habit of being quick to judge when they see things like the word "Goth," black liptstick, tattoos or piercings. I ask of you that, if you are going to come here telling us that we are evil, influenced by the devil/Satan/whatever, or that we are going to Hell just for having different taste and dressing different than you, just don't even bother saying anything. In the words of Toni, a great former employee at Bleeding Edge, "You can't tell me there is not something bad in every culture." Honestly, I know you people like to follow the stereotype that people who are into Gothic things are "evil/Satanic/devil-worshipper/whatever." You do not have to be Gothic to worship Satan or be evil, and you do not have to be evil or worship Satan to be Gothic. The same thing goes with tattoos, piercings and dark make-up. You do not have to be Gothic to wear them, and you do not have to wear them to be Gothic. This doesn't just go for someone who considers themself to be to be Goth/Gothic-- anyone who just happens to have a darker taste. In fact, tattoos and piercings, even dark make-up can be for everyone-- I suppose it all just depends on how your wear them or what they are. It is not up to you to judge us like that. If you do not like what you see here, I am sorry you feel that way, but please do not bash, because really, if you don't like it, simply don't look. The comments will be deleted, anyway. Criticism on dolls, photography, etc. is fine, but please do not come here saying, "LOLOLOLZZZ DEY SUX!!!!111one", because it's just rude and annoying. I don't go to your page and bash, now do I?